Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lee Honggi, “Sorry Mom” Story about how his Mom had to kneel because of him day

Perhatian ! kalo tak mnat Korea atau Lee hong ki , sila abaikan .

tdkan aku tgok cter atau realiti show ,oh my school mmg touching betolla part  mak lee hong ki cite fasal tentang dye trpkse mlutut sbb mslah honggi ni kt skola .

mak honggi ni cter lpas ade satu topik pasal "Did you ever get called to school because of your child.

Hong Ki’s mother, Gong Seung Ok said “All the male students fight group fights with each class. So I was called to school for that. No one said they can forgive my son. But Hong Ki wasn’t even saying ‘sorry’ and just sat there so I had to kneel for him.”
She continued “We came out of the school and he walked in front of me and didn’t look back. On the bus he said he couldn’t look back because he was sorry.” and wiped her tears.
Hong Ki said “I did it because of friends but I didn’t know it was gonna scale to somethign that big. I couldn’t even say sorry when my mother kneeled.”
He added, “I caused a lot of trouble and was very rebellious during my middle and high school days but she was always my pillar of support. I was the worst to my mother who protected me the most. I was really sorry back then and I will work hard to pay you back for the past.” as he shed his tears

lagi gmbar .

akhir skali .

sdih2 . org2 kt situ pon sdih gak .

ni serba sdikit bideo .

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